A Night With The Cup | Meet Stanley

Outside of the mandatory presence of Sunday football games being played in our home for what seems like a million months a year, my knowledge and contact with sports is limited to 3rd and 5th grade practices at our charming Excelsior elementary area fields.  When my girl Lindsay Piram reached out to me to shoot the homecoming of the Stanley Cup I eagerly said “Yes, sounds fabulous”.  Then I got off the phone and went to my friend Google to clarify if we were talking baseball, soccer, hockey…?!?

While my knowledge of sports is pitiful, it only took one night to transform my apathy to utter admiration.  As you will see, this night in particular was all about celebration (and let me tell, you celebrate, they did)!  But, there was this awesome undercurrent to the event.  It was the momentous accomplishment that was bringing home the Stanley Cup.  The hours of practice, the years of training, the teamwork, camaraderie, the dedication of a players family… All these feels and more were present as T.J. Oshie brought home the coveted Stanley Cup.

Did you know that Stanley (because having kissed him I feel we are on a first name basis) has his own body guards?  Did you know he has a curfew? And lets talk about the beverages, cereal, baby butts, and more that this vessel has held.  There was no end to the creativity of poses that took place!

My congrats to the Washington Capitals and T.J. Oshie on this victory!  Lets go for a repeat, yes?!?


Planning & Design: Lindsay Piram Creative  |  Stationary: Gretchen Berry  |  Music: DJ Mad Mardigan  |  Lighting: Instant Request