Backyard Ceremony | Ellie & Thomas

When Ellie and Thomas’s venue called them to say their venue would be closed due to COVID 19 and no longer able to host their wedding they were faced with the choice to wait for the unknown and postpone their wedding or get creative. They opted for the latter! I so appreciate this decision.

My heart goes out to the couple’s who have had to let go of long awaited wedding dreams and plans. I have had all but one of my weddings postpone (so far). Corona has touched each of us and undoubtedly we all eagerly await the return to normal.

Needless to say, when I got the chance to step in and capture Thomas and Ellie’s new (and improved) wedding I eagerly accepted and excitedly dusted off my cameras… finally!

Ellie and Thomas’ friends graciously offered to host the intimate ceremony. The family came together and created a beautiful back yard wedding in a few short weeks. Throughout the day I was so touched that in the absence of all the grandiose that often accompanies weddings there was so much richness and meaning. The people present were the most important people. The decorations we’re created by the hands of the couple’s most dear friends and family. The hugs, toasts, dances were brimming with extra meaning. Like, serious goosebumps all day long!

This wedding day proves that big things can come in smaller than planned packages. I hope that even in the return to normal couples will consider that sometimes when it comes to love, “less truly can be more”.