Celebrating 40 Years | The Hirtz Family

Job highlights are many in my world but at the top of the list is working with families year after year. To watch families grow, mature, evolve… there is nothing better. I’ve had the immense honor of capturing my friend and mom boss, Lindsay for years now. I am OBSESSED with her babes and now enjoy hugs and high fives from her awesome little crew at the start and end of each session.

Lindsay recently reached out because her parent-in-laws are soon to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. FORTY! I can’t think of a better gift than that of capturing Tom and Joann’s love and ever growing family.

These girls are everything! Meet Cleo and Coco. I love the sister bond they share. I watched as they took turns applying lipgloss to each other and then ran off, hand in hand, to explore the garden.

Tom and Joann are parents to 3 and grandparents to 6. Capturing generations is so special. To see cousins play, grown siblings pick on each other, and the family founders sit back and enjoy the scene is priceless. I imagine they are filled with pride at the sight.

My personal goal with generation sessions is for sure get “the shot”. Everyone smiling and well posed (you know, the Christmas card shot). But my favorite images are the chaos that takes place in between those portraits. I want to capture the crazy, the cranky, the silly and the spunk that is family. I think it’s these moments that truly bring us back to that moment in time.

To celebrate forty years of love, life, and family is a huge accomplishment. To see the roots planted in the foundation that Tom and Joann created was inspiring. They are a total rockstar couple. Full of love and as hot as ever! Can you say life goals?!?

Consider bringing your big family to your next session. It’s sure to be a bonding experience with lasting memories.